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Trade In at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores - July 2013


Did you know that Best Buy offers trade in options for your old cell phones?  And you have the potential to receive Best Buy gift cards in return?  We are looking for bloggers that are both interested and eligible to participate in our trade in process.  

If this project interested in this project, you MUST meet the following requirements to participate. To determine if you are eligible,  

  1. Must be willing to drive to the nearest Best Buy Mobile store. Click here to locate the nearest Best Buy Mobile store:
  2. Must have a device you can trade in for a BBY gift card. Click here to determine your phones reliability:
  3. Must be willing to participate in an upgrade check in the store. Click here to check the yout phones upgrade status:

To participate, it would also be helpful if you:

Project Criteria: 

Due Date:  Posts must be published NO LATER than Monday, July 22nd.   

Social Media:  Posts must be shared via your social media vehicles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Compensation:  Selected bloggers that complete the project by the due date will receive a $100.00 Best Buy gift card. The gift cards can take one to two weeks for you to receive via email after the posts are due.

Disclaimer:  All posts must include the following disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Messaging for Post: 

  • Trade in your old phone, get up to $200* back at Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. Find a store near you:
  • Please note one of your calls to action is: “I had no idea they did this EVERYDAY”
  • Need to get a new mobile phone but dreading the experience of shopping for one? Explore Best Buy Mobile specialty stores – these shops are found locally in malls or in your neighborhood shopping centers, and are focused on mobile devices and accessories. Shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle. The staff is highly trained, yet non-commissioned, so they can help determine the right phone for you, as well as compare plans across the carriers. They can set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program. To find a Best Buy Mobile specialty store, go to
  • Have an old phone in a drawer?  Get a Best Buy Gift card when you trade it in at a participating Best Buy Mobile specialty store location – and if you have a newer working phone, you could get up to a $200 Best Buy gift card. Learn more and find a participating Best Buy Mobile specialty store:
  • OPTIONAL: If you would like to add any additional links on some recent press Trade-in has gotten, USA today did a nice write up:

How To Submit Your Post

Once selected for this project and you've written and published your blog post on your own blog site, come back to this page to add your link.  

  • Click on the 'add post' button in the top right hand corner.
  • In the 'Title' field, add the name of your blog post from your site.
  • In the 'Blog URL' field, add the URL from the original destination of your post for this project (from own blog).
  • In the 'Body' field, enter one or two paragraphs from your actual blog post for this project.  The reason we are having you do this is that we will feature some blogs on our homepage.  Entering in a teaser of your post in this field will then allow us to show some of your content on our main page and hopefully help drive additional traffic to you!
  • Scroll to bottom and click on 'Save'.
By participating and fulfilling your obligations to this project you will receive:
Compensation Type: 
Gift Card
Payment Amount: 

Project Membership

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Not a member

Project Resources

Project Dates

Apply By Date: 
Friday, June 28, 2013
Notify By Date: 
Sunday, July 7, 2013
Post By Date: 
Monday, July 22, 2013
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