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If you have fans in social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) then you definitely can join our Network! Create a profile with the Best Buy Influencer Network and get connected with our amazing brand partners.

Once you sign up, we'll inform you of campaign opportunities, like exciting new product releases. Choose the campaigns that interest you most! We'll select Influencers for each campaign based on the brand and products involved and our team's best judgment about your audience's interests. 

By signing up for the Influencer Network, am I guaranteed to be selected for an Influencer project?

We are excited to work with as many Influencers as possible, however our network is large and signing up does not guarantee you will be selected.  Signing up for our network ensures you will be notified when new projects arise and you will then have the ability to apply to participate in these projects.

What are the requirements, if I am selected for a project?

  • Complete IRS Form W-9
  • Every blogger selected to participate must agree to the contract provided at the time of the project acceptance.
  • Write a thoughtful, thorough and honest review and publish on your site, as well as your social media outlets.
  • Provide accurate product specifications, requirements, benefits, limitations etc.
  • Provide the basis or substantiation for any claim you independently make about the product you review.
  • Include the provided disclaimer in your post, ‘The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card or check, and/or received the reviewed product at a reduced price or for free.’ The disclaimer must be embedded into any relevant video content related to your post.
  • Include the coupon/offer related to the post (if applicable).
  • Complete and publish the post by the communicated deadline, in order to receive compensation.
  • Submit your final completed post to the Blogger Network website on or before the project due date.

Are Employees of Best Buy Co., Inc. eligible to participate in the Best Buy Influencer Network?

No, employees of Best Buy Co., Inc. are not eligible to participate in the Influencer program for Best Buy.

What type of compensation do you offer?

If you are chosen for an Influencer project, compensation may be offered in the form of a Best Buy gift card OR the product/service you are selected to test for the project. Compensation for each project is listed in the project criteria so you can determine if it’s the right fit for you before you apply.

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